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Elementary School Counseling Resources

Please make use of the online tools invested by ICS. For example, Renweb provides access to student schedules, grades, general school announcements and information.

ICS utilizes the Naviance program that provides students meaningful data to make decisions for a successful future. Naviance claims data is quickly accessible, while providing the big picture and tools to improve outcomes.

Helpful Links
   Renweb Access: Click Here >>

   Naviance Family Connections: Click Here >>


Counseling Services

The elementary school counseling program is preventive in nature and is delivered through homeroom, small group, and individual counseling. The program is guided by the American School Counselor Association student standards around three domains: academic, career, and personal/social development. Topics the counselor presents to students may include, for example, developing social skills, making wise choices, solving problem, learning study skills, choosing effective work habits, using organizational skills, accepting responsibility, showing respect, and maintaining a safe environment for all. 

The homeroom guidance times present helpful information to all. The small group sessions provide time for students to discuss and practice new skills. Teachers may refer a student to meet individually with the counselor when a need arises. As needed, the counselor will communicate with parents about their child so that the school and parents can work together to benefit the student. The counselor may invite parents to periodic meetings to share with parents what the students are learning in the homeroom counseling sessions.


Recommended Links

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Personal and Social
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   Bullying - Contains ideas to support your child if he or she is being bullied or is exhibiting bullying behaviors: Click Here >>

   Mental Health - Contains descriptions of mental health disorders that may occur in school-aged children: Click Here >>

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