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High School Counseling Resources

ICS has its own online Counseling Resources to help guide students and parents in the seemingly overwhelming process of completing high school, determining a direction for career and moving toward college.

Please make use of the online tools invested by ICS. For example, Renweb provides access to student schedules, grades, general school announcements and information.

ICS utilizes the Cialfo program that provides students meaningful data to make decisions for a successful future. Cialfo claims data is quickly accessible, while providing the big picture and tools to improve outcomes.

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Counseling Services

Academic Progress
The ICS School Counseling department is committed to following the academic progress of our students to ensure that graduation requirements are met. In order to better accommodate the various needs of our students, you may review the information below. From students who are struggling academically to those wishing to have the most academically challenging program possible, we have you covered.

Academic Probation
Any student who receives a grade combination of D's and F's in academic courses required for graduation purposes will be placed on Academic Probation. Student grade reports are evaluated on a per-quarter basis. The purpose of Academic Probation is not intended as punishment but, rather, opportunities for students to meet with their teachers on a scheduled basis and get back on track academically. School counselors want to help students improve not only their grades, but academic skills through increasing self-direction, self-awareness and goal setting.

AP Program Overview
School counselors are available for any student and parent desiring to discuss the Advanced Placement (AP) program at ICS. Students should be aware that AP studies are taught at a college level, and it is therefore advisable students limit themselves to no more than four AP courses per school year. For more information on the AP program and placement therein, please consult the High School Course Handbook.

College and Career Fairs Coordination
No one would argue that decisions regarding future college and career are important. Schools counselors want to bring as much information to students through the hosting of visiting college representatives and organizing four College Fairs throughout the school year. A Career Fair is also held in the spring of the year that exposes students to a variety of career options. 

College Preparation
School counselors are prepared to help students and parents with the college selection and application process. Students can be confident they have an advocate in the process – from teaching and directing online College Prep courses/resources to answering questions and reviewing college applications before submitting.

Four-Year Planning Overview
All students will meet with their counselor either in groups or individually to discuss the four-year High School planning process. With help from the College and Career Center, students have opportunity to take personal and career assessments that will help guide current course selection to meet the demands of particular fields of interest and college entrance requirements.

Graduation is an exciting time for staff, students and parents alike and school counselors are there to help coordinate all aspects of the celebrations.

Group Sessions
It is our hope that not only students, but staff and parents receive helpful counsel from the School Counseling Department. Group sessions include grade-level meetings with students, while parents and staff also benefit through avenues such as Coffee with Counselors, parent meetings and staff presentations. The focus of these sessions includes relevant topics such as child abuse policy, advocating for students, improving academic performance and the like.

Individual Student Meetings
At the very least, every grade-level meets with the counselors on an annual basis to discuss the processes of college planning and completing high school. Follow-up to these group sessions are private sessions with every student to review their individual progress.

Intervention/Crisis Response
School counselors always have a listening ear for students and parents who want to discuss an issue. It is our hope to help facilitate positive results when able.

Personal Community Service
Many students want to increase their profile as a candidate for top colleges and universities. One of the best ways of doing this is through community service. ICS understands this important aspect of the educational experience because universities want students who are committed to making a positive difference in their communities. Therefore, it is encouraged that students go above and beyond the required hours for graduation. Serve, not because ICS requires it, but because you care about the world you live in. For complete guidelines and a list of organizations in Thailand, check the Community Service Handbook available in the College and Career Center.

Publications and Resources
School counselors are always trying to communicate pertinent information to students, parents and staff. Annual publications include the School Profile and Senior Bulletin, while a variety of other resources are available including specialized publications (such as help sheets, forms, senior packets, transition materials, interview worksheets) while maintaining online resources such as the College and Career Center.

Student Course Schedules
School counselors serve students who need help determining their course schedules. Initially, students are given opportunity to preregister for (next year) courses via Renweb in the early spring of the year. Once counselors generate student schedules, they are distributed to students so they can review and meet with their school counselor if changes are needed.

Student Services
School Counselors offer student services in a wide variety of ways. One avenue is course determination, with the overseeing and operation of course availability, course preregistration, current student course needs, registration and monitoring of students utilizing non-ICS online courses, along with assisting new and transfer students with schedules.

Testing Coordination
ICS wants to facilitate students taking standardized tests so we offer our facilities as a testing center. ICS offers the PSAT, SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject, ACT and Stanford tests throughout the school year and the school counselors organize and supervise most.


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