School Profile 2016-2017

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ICS's academic program is college preparatory in nature and emphasizes both community service and AP class enrollment. We presently require 40hrs of personal community service (PCS) as well as additional hours in our Serving and Learning Together (SALT) trips each year. In addition, we offer 12 AP courses and continue to add to our offerings. Class rank for each student is based on a grade point average that is weighted and cumulative for grades 9-12. The average includes all courses taken at ICS but does not include transfer grades from other schools.


Senior Capstone Service Project

In order to graduate from ICS, every ICS student in the class of 2015 and onward must also complete a Senior Capstone Service Project (CSP). This entails that all students research a real-life problem, gain hands on knowledge of the issue by spending many hours in service towards helping with that problem, come up with possible solutions, and write a reflective paper describing their experience. They then must present their findings and final product to a panel of educators at the Senior Capstone Service Project Fair in the 2nd semester of their senior year.


Graduation Requirements

In grades 9-12, one credit is awarded for each one-year course completed with a passing mark of "D" or above. One-half credit is earned for completion of one semester. A minimum of 26.5 credits are required for students to graduate.

English 4.0 credits
Social Studies 4.0 credits
Science 4.0 credits
Math 3.0 credits
Foreign Language 2.0 credits
Physical Education 1.5 credits
Fine Arts 1.0 credits
Computer 1.0 credits
Religious Studies 2.0 credits
Speech 0.5 credits
Electives 4.5 credits
Community Service 40 Hours


Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Average

Most students are non-native English speakers.

Class of Reading Math Writing
12-13 498 582 498
13-14 507 624 539
14-15 519 617 539