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Employment Qualifications

General Qualifications for Teachers

  1. All teaching applicants must have at least a relevant bachelor or higher degree.

  2. All teachers must have had a minimum of 25 hours of education related university coursework as part of their preparation.

  3. All secondary teachers must have a minimum of 25 hours of coursework in their subject area in addition to the education coursework.

  4. All applicants for other than Thai and foreign language teaching positions, should be native English speakers.

  5. All applicants must have a valid teacher's certification/license from their home country.

  6. All teachers at ICS must complete the Christian philosophy of education course within the first two years of teaching at ICS if not previously completed.

  7. All applicants should have at least two years of teaching experience.

  8. All applicants and their spouses must be Protestant Christians who agree with the International Community School of Bangkok Statement of Faith and must be willing to sign the ICS Lifestyle Statement.

  9. All employment opportunities are subject to applicant obtaining a non-immigrant Visa to enter Thailand and applicant's supplying to ICS all the documents needed to secure a Thai work permit and a Thai teaching license on their behalf once they are in Thailand.

  10. All applicants who have adopted children must be able to provide legal proof of the finalized adoption in order for the Thai government to grant visas for your adopted children.

Note: Initial contracts will generally be for two (2) years.

How to Apply:
Please submit completed employment application, cover letter and resume to: about application PDF form: please save PDF file to your computer first, then fill it out, save it again and email it to us.)

Or, if you have trouble viewing or submitting the PDF form, click here to fill out our online form.

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