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Student Ministries

Our purpose is to develop ICS students in relationships—relationships with one another, relationships with mentors and especially in their relationship with God. In order to foster spiritual growth, we seek to provide opportunities to develop relationships through interaction, instruction, and personal reflection.

Secondary School Student Ministries

Chapel & Homerooms
Both middle and high school students participate in chapel and homeroom each week. During homeroom students participate in discussion and activities that relate to the topic presented in chapel.

Once a year, near Valentine's day, the topics of truth, tolerance, and temptation are addressed through seminars offered for secondary students within the school day.

Both middle and high school students are invited to be a part of weekly discipleship groups. Small groups of students generally meet on Tuesday from 2:30-3:30pm to have conversations relating spiritual things to their personal life.

Friday Events
All secondary students have opportunities to participate in Friday Night events, such as Friday Fellowship that meets off campus and WiiWorship that meets on campus the first Friday of each month. These are times of worship, fellowship, and fun.

Leadership Teams
Christian students who are nominated have an opportunity for leadership development under the guidance of the Student Ministries Coordinators. These teens are trained at a retreat before the school year begins, and are an invaluable aspect of the student ministry department as they reach out to other students.

Morning Devotions
Daily secondary students meet in the student ministry office to spend time in fellowship, prayer, and worship before they go to their classes (7:00-7:15am). Once a year, the last Wednesday in September, students participate in See You At The Pole to pray for their school, their community, and the world.

Yearly, secondary students are invited to participate in Eaglez Camp (high school) and Ignite (middle school) retreats away from the school campus. Students have an opportunity to reflect, be refreshed, and reunite with peers.

Main Events
Quarterly, secondary students are invited to join several events such as Sports Extravaganza (HS), Lip Sync(MS), School Kick-off, Lock In (MS), and the Christmas Party.

Student Council
The ICS Student Council is made up of elected members of the student body. The Student Council's mission is to be a voice for the student body and offer programs and/or fundraisers that will enrich the school as a whole and ensure that ICS remains a close knit community of young men and women. The elected members are called first and foremost to be Christ-like examples to their fellow peers. They work hard to improve the school environment and enrich the lives of the student body through programs such as the selling of cookie grams, a school-wide secret santa event, and rose day. Outreach events are also run by the leaders of the student council including the clothing drive, the Christmas Shoebox gift drive, and the various grade level community service projects offered by the class presidents. It is the hope of the ICS student council that they be positive ambassadors of the school and continue to represent the light and love of God to those around them.

Elementary School Student Ministries

Good News Club
The Good News Club at ICS is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in fun activities while learning about the good news of God's word. Students from grades 2-5 are invited to join weekly in playing games, eating snacks, singing, and learning valuable life lessons from the Bible. Sibling care is also available at the same time for our K-4, K-5, and 1st grade students whose older sibling(s) attend Good News Club. Teachers and staff volunteer each week to provide a nurturing, caring and fun environment dedicated to teaching children the good news.