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Who We Are

International Community School (ICS) is conveniently located in the growing Bangna district of Bangkok, about halfway between the city center and Suvarnabhumi airport. ICS is a private, non-profit Christian school that was first established in 1993. The Bangna campus was built in 2004.

Since it's establishment, ICS has maintained a tradition of quality education. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), we offer an American system of education for age 4 through grade 12. As of 2017, ICS has an enrollment of over 1010 students, representing more than 22 different countries. The cultural diversity of our student body contributes to the quality of education enjoyed by our students.

The strength of our school lies in our qualified staff and our commitment to students. The majority of our teachers are recruited from the United States and Canada. Students, families and faculty find ICS to be a caring community where community participation is encouraged. At our school, students are equipped within the classroom to function beyond the classroom.

ICS's academic program is college preparatory and emphasizes community service and AP class enrollment. We presently require 40 hours of personal community service (PCS) as well as additional hours in our Serving-and-Learning-Together (SALT) trips each year. In addition, we offer twelve AP courses and continue to add to our offerings. Class rank for each student is based on a grade point average (GPA) that is weighted and cumulative for grades 9 through 12. The average GPA includes all courses taken at ICS.

The ICS Vision:
To continuously excel as a Christ-centered learning community.

The ICS Core Values:
• Biblical Truth: Looking to the Word of God for guidance in everything.
• Christ-centeredness: Living to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in everything.
• Love: Reflecting God in giving of self for others' good.
• Growth: Striving to make our best better.
• Community: Uniting the resources of individuals towards common goals.
• Integrity: Walking our talk.
• Respect: Accepting and listening to others.

The ICS School-wide Learning Results

The ICS Student is becoming a:

Lifelong learner:
1. Use goal setting processes to monitor their own learning progress
2. Show enthusiastic curiosity about the unknown

Discerning Thinker:
1. Understand core content of each subject
2. Value truth and accuracy
3. Support arguments with evidence
4. Resolve conflicting views in source documents
5. Solve problems that appear to have no obvious solutions

Competent Communicator:
1. Listen and read carefully to understand others
2. Speak and write effectively for others' benefit
3. Select media that best carry the message to the intended audience

Quality Producer:
1. Create intellectual, artistic, practical, and physical products
2. Aim for high standards (take pride in their work)
3. Use technology meaningfully

Team Player:
1. Develop teamwork skills
2. Relates positively with people of  varied cultures in diverse settings
3. Establish and accomplish goals mutually

Responsible Citizen:
1. Respect and submit to proper authority
2. Know what's going on in our world
3. Use time, energies, and talents to help others

Follower of Christ:
1. Understand a Biblical perspective
2. Imitate Christ's character
3. Submit to Christ's Lordship (voluntary)