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The ICS Mission
Based on the Bible, in partnership with parents, we teach the whole student to know and apply wisdom for the good of our world and the glory of God. ICS exists to teach the whole student. Students develop both academic excellence and virtuous character at ICS. ICS students put its values into practice. Each of our students grade 6 through 12 go on a three to four-day Serving-and-Learning-Together (SALT) trip which involves out-reach to meet the needs of communities in Thailand.

The ICS Faculty
ICS teachers are passionate about educating your child, in accordance to our mission, and in partnership with parents. ICS teachers are academically certified and service oriented. They are willing to spend time outside of their daily teaching duties to build relationships with support and mentor students. ICS attracts high-quality teachers who care about students and the mission of our school.

ICS Students Are Internationally Successful
The ICS student body represents over 22 nations, which make it an international community. Each school day is an opportunity for students to learn and grow culturally through interaction with friends from across the globe. ICS students have gain admittance to some of the world's leading universities. The diverse background of our student body contributes to ICS success stories in athletics, drama, music, creative writing and arts. Our alumni are involved in such careers as chemistry, software development, medicine, engineering, advertising, public relations, business, and more. Upon graduating, ICS students emerge as future leaders of the world community in a variety of disciplines.

ICS is a Great Value
It will be difficult to find a better value for your money. Even though ICS students matriculate into top-tier universities, we are able to keep our tuition at a reasonable amount. As a nonprofit organization, your tuition directly benefits your child and his education. ICS has state-of-the-art facilities: athletic complex, computer labs, media centers, modern science labs, we provide the best possible education for your children while keeping your out of pocket costs as low as possible. We offer a vast array of affordable enrichment activities. Athletically, our students continue to compete at the highest level.

The ICS Community
ICS offers an educational experience unlike any other. We are a close-knit community where your child gains a sense of belonging. Hours after the school day ends, our students are often still on campus in clubs, athletic practices, enrichment activities, or just spending time with friends. Students love the comfortable and caring environment that they experience at ICS. ICS invites parent involvement through its parent-teacher organization (PTO) and various educational workshops. Our name, International Community School fits well with our core values.