Student Ministries Subtitle

Our purpose is to develop ICS students in relationships—relationships with one another, relationships with mentors and especially in their relationship with God. In order to foster spiritual growth, we seek to provide opportunities to develop relationships through interaction, instruction, and personal reflection.

Secondary School Student Ministries

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Elementary School Student Ministries

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Good News Club
The Good News Club at ICS is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in fun activities while learning about the good news of God's word. Students from grades 2-5 are invited to join weekly in playing games, eating snacks, singing, and learning valuable life lessons from the Bible. Sibling care is also available at the same time for our K-4, K-5, and 1st grade students whose older sibling(s) attend Good News Club. Teachers and staff volunteer each week to provide a nurturing, caring and fun environment dedicated to teaching children the good news.